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A special "thank you" to all of our sponsors & supporters. Without them we wouldn't be able to setup our community designing against Corona Crisis and keep our project up and running.
Supporting the Design against Corona Crisis project
Thanks to our sponsors & supporters spending money, effort and/ or other resources, we are able to bring this project to life and grow our community.
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Coming soon: Sponsors of specific challenges
As soon as our community starts working on specific challenges, we will start accepting challenge specific sponsorships. For time being, you cannot sponsor a specific challenge. However, we strongly recommend to submit your challenge for consideration.
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Become a sponsor!
Our community works hard to come up and design solutions against Corona Crisis. We have plenty of individuals contributing their time and effort. But to be successful and keep our project and community in life, we also need companies and organisations to support and work with us. Would your company or your organisation be interested to support our work, sponsor our community or one of our challenges or offer us mentorship and advice? We are looking forward hearing from you.
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